Quick Start

Your frist 5 heat tokens are only 5 dollars.

Note: If the entry is incorrect the red led will flash 3 times.

Technical Overview

When your heated ski boot has been used and recharged 5 times, any further heating will be disabled.

Key Pad

USB Cable Connection


Key Pad Charge


There are 3 colored indicator LEDs on the heated ski boot – Green, Yellow and Red. These indicators can either indicate a heat level or used as a status indicator.

Plus Button

Plus Button

Low Heat

When the heated ski boot is not plugged into a USB port, pressing the PLUS button will set the heat ski boot to a LOW heat setting. Key Pad Green

Medium Heat

Pressing it again will place it into a MEDIUM heat setting.

Key Pad Yellow

High Heat

Pressing it once again will place it into a HIGH heat setting.

Key Pad Red

If the available token count is zero, then heating is disabled, and the Red LED will flash one time when either the Plus or Minus buttons are pressed. Heat is not available until more heat tokens are purchased and added to the heated ski boot.

Minus - Button

Minus Button